Thursday, January 26, 2006

... huh? what time is it?

Well, nothing kicks off a day of studying quite so well as having neither of your alarms go off, and sleeping until 11:30. Yes, I do in fact, have two alarms - both of which called in sick, thus leaving me to sleep in... for 5 hours. The good news is that I feel more rested than I have in... well... I guess the last time neither of my alarms went off.

The bad news is that sleeping away a significant portion of viable study time is demoralizing, and is quite a blow to the fragile emotional state of the repeat taker.

And since everyone wants to know how the stydying is going - it's quality over quantity at this point. Basically, the studying is good, there's just not enough of it. I've been really honing in on practice essays and spending more time studying missed MBE questions. This has been very helpful, but it just doesn't seem possible to rack up the kind of hours that I was doing over the summer.

Now I know what you're all thinking - maybe you shouldn't have gotten an Xbox 360 in the middle of studying for the Bar. Maybe? Ya think? Of course I shouldn't have, idiot. But it wasn't exactly my choice. I reserved the stupid thing in August, and was promised to have it by the November launch. And I just got it Tuesday. And not picking it up might have meant forfeiting the $75 I spent for deposits on the sytem, games, and controllers. So the only reasonable option was to just bring it on home.

And I'm sad to say that I really haven't spent that much time with it. I played a bit of Amped 3 and Perfect Dark Zero just to get the feel for the system, and overall, I enjoy it. Here are some of my thoughts:

If you enjoy recreational drug use, then Amped 3 is the game for you. This is because I get the impression that the game was designed entirely by people who use drugs. Mostly weed, with some hints of acid. The game is completely ridiculous. Oh yeah, and it's a game about snowboarding.

I have a theory that PDZ might be fun. Whenever I figure out the absurdly complex control sytem and stop getting shot, I hope to explore this theory further.

And the controller. The controller to the orginal Xbox was one of the worst things about the system. Random awkward buttoms just popping up everywhere. But the 360 controller is more intuitive - maybe because it has almost the same layout as the N64 controller - which was goofy-looking but strangely functional.

Anyway, those are my initial thoughts - the best I can muster after a combined 2 hours with the thing.

Oh yeah, and LOST really sucked last night. A) Nothing happened. B) What happened to Locke? He used to be so awesome, and now he's an obtuse jerk who beats up people half his size. Boooo! I hope Eko smacks him with his Jesus stick.