Sunday, March 19, 2006

do it truett

Mission Trip '06 is in the books.

I must say that I consider it a great success. My crew was absolutely indefatigable. Five shockingly attractive yet uncompromisingly competent young ladies and three rugged and fearless gentlemen braved heights, swarms of bees, and tidal waves of lilac paint.

We painted and tiled 8 bathrooms, painted the back wall of the sanctuary balcony, shampooed the nursury carpets, sealed the duct-work on the roof, painted the flashing along the edge of the roof, painted the brick and handrails on the front of the church, painted two classrooms, and moved broken-down 20-foot long pews from the back row of the balcony to an outside storage container.

That last one may have been, in all honesty, the most difficult thing I have ever attempted in six years of Mission Trip. Anyone who has ever tried to move a church pew can testify that moving a short one a short distance is arduous. But moving really long pews down three stories and a hundred yards across the parking lot? I believe it may have offered us small taste of what it was like to build the pyramids. Lots of rope and plenty of slaves.

The church was wonderful. They fed us fantastic meals, and we were blessed to be able to worship with them after their Wednesday night fellowship meal. 20 octagenarians and 10 college students singing all the old standards - "Victory in Jesus", "When the Roll is Called Up Yonder", "I Surrender All, and "It is Well With My Soul" - most of which were enthusiastically requested by my crew.

Of course there were 190 other people on Mission Trip who laboured tirelessly, finished the work, and are just as worn-out as I am right now. As a matter of fact, I am so tired from this past week that I have plans to travel to Newport Beach this week, to prop up my feet and relax over some discovery review.

And so for now, I leave you with a wonderful quote from a girl on my crew:

"Never ask a girl where she's from. If she's from Texas, she'll tell you. And if she's not - there's no reason to embarass her."