Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Tonight, I am saddened by the loss of Mark Palmer.

I'm sure many of you have never browsed through my links, especially the nondescript link to Palmer's Live Journal site. And if you had traveled there, you may have found the muted white pages and sedate writings not worth a second visit. But over the past few years, this unassuming little site has revealed the life of a man who can only be described as a giant of the faith. His writing overflowed with his love for God and for his fellow mortals.

Mark was the leader of The Landing Place, a small fellowship of believers very much like my own church family. Mark's terse prose echoed the community and hospitality of his flock. I can't now recall how I stumbled upon his site, but at that time, his first wife Jennifer had recently lost the battle with cancer, leaving Mark and their toddler, Micah. Throughout that painful time, Mark never lost his faith. He wrestled with God in prayer - he was angry, hurt, and confused. But no matter how much pain he was in, he never stopped praising God. He never gave up his own fight.

Mark had only been remarried for a short time when he was diagnosed with cancer. And again, through his anguish and weakness and confusion, he never stopped praising God.

For the past few months, I have been disquieted when checking in on his site, knowing that it could be his last post, or that I might see the words of his wife instead of his own. Today was that day. My eyes fell on the first sentence of the second paragraph, and my heart broke. I never met Mark Palmer, but he is my brother in the faith. I never spoke with him, but he has impacted my life with his words of hope and his relentless pursuit of God.

Micah and Amy will be in my prayers. I hope they will be in yours.