Wednesday, April 26, 2006

cardinal sin

Real Live Preacher is dead to me. I've linked to The 'Preach for nearly two years. But he made fun of John Maxwell. In my esteem, this puts him on the same level as people that watch professional wrestling.

Even in the fairly short time that I've been a Christian, some of the most Godly men I know (Thad, Strap, Bill, Nick) have used John Maxwell's materials to develop the leaders within their ministries. Read his books early and often.

I'm going to replace RLP's link with a link to John Maxwell. And while I'm 86'ing that link, I thought I'd make some link updates...

I guess I'll give Karen a link. Judging from the constant hits from Lubbock she gets, you're obviously reading it anyway, so I thought I 'd make it easy on you. Besides, she traded law school for med school. So she's clearly insane and that always makes for good blogging.

The Seabreeze blog has been lame for awhile. The guys that maintain it moved all the good content over to Verum Serum. I guess Bev yelled at them or something. They're kinda red-statey, but it's still an exemplary blog.

MC Hammer has a blog. I love MC Hammer. When I was 11, I went to an MC Hammer concert with my cousin. Boyz II Men and Jodeci opened for him. Careful - it plays loud music for a few seconds. Please, Hammer... don't hurt 'em.

I use this site to keep track of earthquakes. We have dozens every day. Perhaps you were not privy to such knowledge.

I'd like to thank Anonymous Lawyer for keeping me oh-so-grateful that I don't work in a quote-unquote, "Big Firm".

And Whitten - I'm going to delete your link if you don't shape up and post something. But I will still love you.