Tuesday, April 25, 2006

drunk in the spirit

During the drive home from Brea, I spent a few moments absorbed in internal deliberation as to how I would go about saying on my blog that my pastor and I had just attended a wine tasting. After all, I couldn't just come right out and say that my pastor and I had attended a wine tasting. Some people have issues with that sort of thing. Like all of those verses in the Bible that say drinking is wrong. Which at last count was, let's see... zero.

If you happen to be one of those uppity teatotalers - relax. Thad didn't drink and I didn't drink much. I'm not really into wine. Red wine tastes like tragically compromised grape juice and white wine tastes like Gardenia Body Splash. I like grape juice. I don't like Body Splash. So why did a guy who doesn't drink and a guy who doesn't drink wine decide to attend a wine tasting?

Well, it was a fundraiser for Thad's nonproft organization, so he kinda had to go, and because Halo operates under his nonprofit, I kinda had to go also. Yeah, I know. Another post about Halo. If it's getting old, let me know.

If that sounds silly, consider the following conversation with a guy in attendance.

"So what do you do for a living?"

"I'm a roofing contractor."

"Really? We've been doing some construction on inner-city churches, and we've done a little bit of roofing. If you ever want to come out and join us, we'd love to have your expertise."

"I'll donate a roof."

"I'm sorry, did you... a roof?"

"I'll donate all the materials and put a full crew on it. Here's my card."

Stick that in your Nietzsche pipe and smoke it.

Addendum: After last night, I have a new catch phrase...

"Anybody can raise money. Only Hoover can raise the roof."