Tuesday, April 18, 2006

warp whistle

The Wizard is the highlight of American cinema. If you don't remember it, then you were probably doing something really lame in 1989, like playing sports or talking to girls.

The movie is essentially a 2-hour commercial for Nintendo. It stars Jenny Lewis, who went on to be in the band Rilo Kiley, and Fred Savage, who did not go on to be in the band Rilo Kiley.

The climax of the film was a video game tournament, at which Super Mario Bros. 3 was debuted. As a videogame obsessed nine-year old, you can imagine what my reaction to this was. It pretty much blew my mind off. Even thinking about it now, I just want to find a 4th-grader and give him a high five.

So enjoy this clip. Herein, the antagonist reveals the ultimate WMD - the Power Glove. No more clever banter. The clip speaks for itself.