Saturday, April 29, 2006

halo 1, wall 0

Success! The wall has been moved. And it was not nearly as difficult as I had anticipated. We ended up with a small crew today - just Thad, Rodney, and myself. But three young lads from CFG were on hand to work, drink all of our Cokes, misuse my new power tools, and by the grace of God, drywall most of the relocated wall.

They're far from chatty, but with some caring instruction and plenty of supervision, they worked hard all day and surpassed my expectations. It was a blessing to see these guys taking pride in their work and investing in their church building. Although I had to defenestrate one of them for using a wood saw blade to cut drywall. Landusky once tore my face off for doing that.

Anyway, I'd tell you all the constructiony details of how we moved the Wall of Despair, but I'm quite tired. And so glad that my church doesn't start until 10:30. And that it's seven minutes away. And that I can wear a t-shirt.

I'll just let the pictures communicate our sense of accomplishment.

Thad, discovering that my laments were not exaggerated.

Kevin, The Workhorse

We cleared the switch, but... was a shame to lose the blinds.