Monday, March 31, 2008

i wouldn't hold out much hope for the credence

I am prepared to say that the internet ruined April Fool's. It used to be a respectably sublime holiday. During the era of my youth, Martha celebrated this sacred day by bounding into my bedchamber and proclaiming that school had been canceled - a snow day.

If you're familiar with my town of origin - a South Plains Krypton, if you will - then you will know this to not be completely out of the question. I recall that it snowed in late May my freshman year of college. So to propose a mid-Spring nor'easter to a bleary-eyed 1st-12th grader is... well, it's brilliant, really.

And I used to get into it with my blog. Back in the old blog days I would post stuff like this:

My new Dell laptop!

And that would be like, kinda funny, because all y'alls know my visceral hatred of all things PC. And of course, even you PC fans know that a new Dell laptop isn't nearly that sophisticated.

But that just seems played out the last couple of years, what with so many websites doing various trickeries and chicaneries. I mean, even internet demigod Ryan North sold out and pulled some kind of switcheroo. So instead of being able to read today's Dinosaur Comics, I have to read some other webcomic boasting all the nuanced humor of a Laffy Taffy wrapper.

Shame on you Ryan. I expected better from someone I'm stalking via Twitter. Seriously though, Twitter is rad... maybe. My primary defense of Twitter is thus: The guy who invented Twitter is the same guy that invented blogging/Blogger. Therefore, it simply must possess some sliver of latent magicks, glowing as a beacon from within its arguably pointless bosom.

And while I'm enjoying it - the magic bosom theory has yet to congeal. At this point, it's mostly R7 and me exchanging Big Lebowski references, Hawkgirl making the occasional retort to humor me, and Elise, who I think gave up already. But I think I will persevere for now, if for no other reason than I get to use Red Hulk as my profile picture.

So if you're on Twitter and you'd like to join our little internet commune of what-have-you, let me know and we'll give you further instructions. The royal we. You know, the editorial?