Monday, March 17, 2008

luck o' the texan

We need to touch base on a few matters of importance

I have two things to confess. First of all, I think Gilmore Girls is completely obnoxious and utterly bereft of any entertainment value. It's like That's so Raven but longer and less creative. Secondly, I really cannot even pretend to know how to act like I even remotely care about St. Patrick's Day.

In part because I'm not all that Irish. At least no more or less so than every other generic white guy. And also in part because recreational binge drinking is not something that I endorse. Not out of sanctimony, but because of my ADHD - I can't bring myself to do anything that many times in a row.

Something rather anomalous happened today. There was a certain gentlemen who was suing a certain client of ours. I did my thing, filing the appropriate paperwork to explain to the court why this particular case = bogus. It worked, and the judge dismissed the case.

So this guy - this guy - calls me up, and says to me (this guy!) "now that the case has been dismissed, maybe we can talk about settlement".

Settlement? Settlement of what, exactly? You sued us, your case got thrown-out like a cheap lawyer from a Mexican restaurant, and now you want us to give you teh moneyz? Now you guys all know that I have a penchant for a good bit of extortion, but this was just amateur hour.

Ok, gotta go. Hawkgirl is in town. She won a trip to SoCal for being the most active commenter. It could have been you...