Friday, May 11, 2007

1337 no longer


I lost my first demurrer today. It's basically the same thing as a motion to dismiss, but in California we use the old common law term. Because California is known for being traditional.

Now I'm 3 and 1 for demurrers. I was very proud of my 3 and 0 record, because within the practice, demurrers are regarded as a long shot. And two of those I got in Judge Hatehoov's court. I was very proud of those because Judge Hatehoov hates me so much that I know she was very disinclined to grant them in my favor. So either my papers were that good, or she had a second helping of children for breakfast and didn't need my soul for dessert.

So not only did I lose today, but on Wednesday, I have to go to Judge Hatehoov's lair for trial, which I'm sure will be equally demoralizing. But in Hatehoov's court, as long I walk out of the courthouse wearing my gray suit instead of an orange one, I'll consider it a victory.