Tuesday, April 24, 2007

when life gives you lemons, you make grilled lemons

Bad: Kitchen fire at the office, resulting in a respectable cloud of smoke lurking through the hallways and creeping into offices.

Worse: Support staff liberally applies air freshener. Much to the shock of support staff, air freshener fails to counteract smoke, due to its actually being a liquid and slowly descending onto the carpet, while the smoke, due its being a gas, maintains its position against the ceiling. Office now smells like a burning potpourri factory.

Awesome: Having allergies, and thus a justifiable reason to leave the office at 1:50 in the afternoon. Which in law office time might as well be mid-morning.

Troubling: Smoke alarm never went off.

*Update: The culprit was trying to microwave rice cakes. Double-you tea eph? Who microwaves rice cakes?