Thursday, February 22, 2007

what kind of a rap name is steve?

I'm still a bit flummoxed by last night's LOST. I believe this is mostly attributable to the lingering effects of last week's PhD-level Desmond Darko episode. There was just so much going on in that episode. And this week, while entertaining, didn't have as much going on, yet I think my brain, newly calibrated for clue-scouring from the Desmond episode, was pan-sifting this Jack episode for clues and hints that simply were not there.

Although I did invent a LOST drinking game. But since heavy drinking really isn't how we roll, we played with Gatorade (Fierce!) and coffee mugs. But you may feel free to play with Strega or absinthe, as those seem very conducive to a LOST drinking game. Here are the parameters:

1 shot - Hurley says, "dude", Sawyer uses a nickname, Desmond says, "brother", Jack screams at someone, reference to The Numbers, someone gets a gun pointed at them, someone gets wet, Kate appears visibly conflicted between Jack and Sawyer.

2 shots - Cross-character references/appearances in flashbacks, death of a character, appearance of strange animal, plot twist (may depend on magnitude of twist - highly subjective).

3 shots - Hmm... I dunno... they get rescued, I guess. That would be worth 3 shots.

Of course, if you followed all of those, you'd probably die of alcohol poisoning by the first commercial break, so feel free to edit the parameters as you see fit. As for me, I have the alcohol tolerance of a prenatal koala, so I'll stick with the Gatorade. It is, after all, quite Fierce.