Friday, December 15, 2006

thought they knew, who was up in this

More adventures with the firm's star-crossed matchmaker: the file room clerk:

"Sup, Hoooov?"


"Dang, fool - that hot new secretary was talking about you."

"... The blonde?"

"Yeah, fool! She was in here this morning - said she saw you in the elevator yesterday and she thought you were cute. She was askin' all about you, dawg!"

"... Yesterday?"

"Yeah, fool! You gonna get with* her or what?"

"... I wasn't um, here yesterday."


"I took the day off. I was Christmas shopping."





"It's cool, dawg - she's not really that hot anyway."

I gotta file stuff less often.

Editor's note: Under no circumstances do I endorse use of the phrase "get with", since I am neither an 8th grader, nor a member of New Edition.