Monday, May 19, 2008

voyage of the yawn treader

I managed to get out and see Prince Caspian this weekend. I enjoyed it.

After spending nearly four hours at a very strange memorial service/funeral type thing, which took place outside in the respectable heat of Modjeska Canyon, replete with hot rods and coolers that runneth over with Bud Light, it was very nice to sit in a dark and air-conditioned structure for another almost four hours and turn my brain off.

And I thought highly of it. Until the next afternoon - which is about how long it took for my brain to turn back on.

I will say this: It is an enjoyable movie. And I might even venture to say that it was worth the price of a couple gallons of gas or so. But I do not expect it will appease the ravenous critical faculties of the average reader of The Write-On.

I haven't read The Chronicles in roughly twenty-or-so years, so I can't speak as to its adherence to the source material. Much has been said of the "kissing scene" that was, apparently, added in. I am not sure this awkward peck exchange and even more awkward hug-thing qualfies as a "kissing scene". Honestly, there was more sexual tension in Finding Nemo.

But here is what I found the most puzzling: Peter and Caspian spend the first half of the movie hacking and slashing their way through hordes of armored extras. Then, after Peter bests King Pointybeard in one-on-one swordness, both Peter and Caspian suddenly find themselves too moral and ethical to kill the guy. Oh no. We are not like that. We don't just kill people. No No. We are unreproachable king-type people. So, after opting not to kill this one guy, the battles resume, and what-do-you-know? Peter and Caspian are back at it - killin' dudes and amassing a body count that would warrant an approving nod from Gimli himself.

And I don't remember The Chronicles being little more than a kid-friendly version of Lord of The Rings, but this seems to be the fate to which it has been reduced by the magick of Hollywood - a Return of the King for the Hannah Montana crowd.

That being said, I guess I recommend it. Assuming, of course, that you've already seen Iron Man.