Thursday, August 30, 2007

tome tomb

A fascinating article - for only the hardest of the hardcore A/V geeks.

My jovial pleonasm has ebbed as of late - I've been charged with the dreaded task of "getting up to speed" on a new case. This means reading deposition transcripts until I can't see. The partner in charge insists that this case is relatively straight-forward. I suppose the same could be said of the Pyramids, but I suspect that was little consolation to the Hebrew associates who actually had to build them.

But, as Martha would say: That's why they call it "work".

Reading "depos" (as we call them) really is quite simple. It's basically like reading a play. A really long, really boring, play. With two actors. Imagine Waiting for Godot - but five inches thick. And after Vladimir and Estragon run out of interesting things to discuss, they start talking about file numbering systems. And how records are kept in the ordinary course of business. For eight hours.

And sometimes I think, "Did I really suffer through three years of law school just to be able to read this stuff?" And then I realize, "No, you suffered through three years of law school so that you could actually charge people for reading this kind of stuff."

And then I realize that I probably shouldn't discourse with myself in the second person. Because that kind of thing would be crazy.