Sunday, August 26, 2007

i've had some time to think about it

"If there were someone else to do it - believe me, I'd let 'em. But there isn't anyone else. So we're doing it."
- John McClaine

We've gotten into a destructive pattern of post-Halo revelry. As the work day is winding to a close and everyone is trying to finish their respective projects, the adrenaline is high, and there is talk of socializing on the winds.

We should all get dinner after this, someone will say. Yes yes, we should! Dinner! And after that, perhaps the cinema, says another. Oh my, yes! The cinema! What a splendid idea! And so we depart the work site in high spirits, eagerly anticipating a change of clothes, followed by this dinner-and-a-movie group date of sorts.

But then there's the long ride home. And Saturday evening LA traffic that we have to scuttle through. A relaxing shower. More driving/picking-up to meet up with everyone. A densely-fattening and carbohydrate-saturated meal. And by the time we all get to the movies...


Thanks to two no-shows, our crew was small, but reasonably productive. I hate having small crews, because it usually means that I have to work - instead of just meandering leisurely about the site with a cup of coffee and a legal pad, barking orders. And since I am a fundamentally lazy person, I am strongly adverse to this scenario. I am also completely ignorant as to how to do most of this stuff.

For example, I'm installing flooring in one of the restrooms with one of my high school guys. The pastor walks in carrying this yellow, boxy, saw, cage thing. I have no idea what this device is, or what it's used for.

"Hey Hoov, I picked up this [wippidtyjigger] for you while I was at Home Depot."

"...Ahh... yeah... that should be really... helpful."

"It should make installing the baseboards a lot easier."

"Baseboards. Mmm... yeah."

I didn't even know we were supposed to do the baseboards. It wasn't on the list. People don't appreciate the value of a good project list. Without it, I am Harry with no wand; Wolverine with no claws. Which is to say that, while I am still inherently awesome, I am without means to effectuate my awesomeness. Green Arrow with no bow. Wow, how underrated is Green Arrow? I love that guy.

Also from the Department of Optimism Maintenance - my case settled. Now, I would like to say that I am fully aware that it was a settlement, and in this sense it is wholly inaccurate to refer to anyone has having won or lost. That being said, we dominated.

So with that case off of my plate entirely, I am free to focus my vocational efforts on cases that are less emotionally taxing. This means that they are, in a word, boring. But it will be nice to feel like a respectable business litigator again, instead of Jerry Springer, Attorney at Law.

Also, if you're curious as to how Big Jer's surgery turned out - it went very well, and the doctors are recovering nicely.