Thursday, July 05, 2007

i smell an oscar

For two hours today, I was transported back to 1986.

Sure, the movie was absurd, ridiculous, nonsensical, and borderline incoherent, but it was somehow magical. As though the battles of crashing plastic that played out in the frontlines of green leaf-print carpet and harvest gold in the house were I grew up were translated into CGI.

It was loud and long and honestly, it gave me a headache. I suspect that its awesomeness actually ruptured a smattering of blood-vessels in my brain. But it was a headache of joy. I will see it again.

I also suspect that it will sweep the Oscars. It will even win for Best Short Film, Best Documentary, and Best Foreign Film. Even if they were to make a category called "Best Movie That Is Not Transformers", the winner would still be Transformers.