Thursday, January 04, 2007

merry - wait, no... happy new - wait, no... oh forget it

I actually had several good posts cooked up. I had a Christmas post, a New Year's post, and a return-from-the-real-world-to-Southern-California post. But alas, they never came to fruition. More relics in the scattered post bone-yard known as "drafts".

Perhaps some day I will write a post consisting solely of snippets from unpublished (yet still lingering on Blogger) posts. A veritable mass grave of Hoovly ruminations that were judged too personal or honest or one of those other synonyms for boring.

I, very much like the Fleeg, who only saw fit to descend from his private bungalow in Romanceland to call me once to hang out, was in Lubbock for 12 days over the End-of-Year conglomeration of festivities. And I would have posted, but I was entirely too busy eating homemade almond joys and rum cake while watching reruns of Scrubs and recycling the same two sweatshirts over the course of my Lone Star fortnight.

Of course, as any self-respecting only child*, I raked it in. Have you experienced SeraSoft yet? I suggest that you go to your neighborhood Triple-B and just *touch* one of their fine products. I was but a hollow shell of a man before the day I felt its embrace.

I also got a Dell monitor. I don't even want to hear about it from you people. I've been using Apple since 2002, back when y'all were drooling over XP SP1. Apple's monitors are grossly overpriced and woefully under-featured. Yes, they're beautiful, but beauty alone is not worth the cost (this statement is also true of monitors). It just seemed silly to pay 3x as much for the same monitor, with only 1 input and no pivot support, just to get that purty aluminum finish.

I also got a new graphics card (ATI 9800 Pro). I would be so bold as to liken it unto the Hemi. It generates significant heat, and I suspect it to be no coincidence that shortly after my receipt of said graphics card, a large slab of polar ice broke off and melted. This will be a great asset to me in my work of, um, checking emails and writing documents in Word. Office is right up there with Doom 3.

I apologize for the nosedive into nerdery. As I implied, I am back in California, doin' my thang. I've only been back 2 days and I've already been vituperated by Judge Hatehoov. Considering that Judge Hatehoov does not seem to read the pleadings, review the case file, or listen to any argument advanced by counsel, I am at a loss as to what exactly she thinks she's judging. Maybe she's got one of those fancy 12-sided D&D dice. I dunno.

*Also, "only child" is not the preferred nomenclature. "Prime Child", please.