Monday, November 29, 2004

is this going to be on the exam?

The Chrismukkah season is upon us.

That means it is finals time. Panic has descended.

The best music for studying Texas Pretrial Procedure is Linford Detweiler. The best music for studying Banking Law is Jay-Z. Studying for International Business Transactions has yet to occur. But I imagine that The Be Good Tanyas or Josh Rouse would be the perfect compliment to Exxon-Florio and negotiable bills of lading. Something folksy.

Gorman and I studied for 8.25 hours yesterday because we are awesome.

Marci says that flourescent lights make you dumb. I suggested that if you listen to Mozart while studying in flourescent light, it would balance out. Unless you're not a baby.

That was a lame post. Gentiles aren't funny. Hopefully embracing Chrismukkah will cause my Jewish heritage to blossom.