Wednesday, November 24, 2004

"that's me with powers"

Captain Jurisdiction

This time, it's not just subject matter . . . it's personal.

I'm some kind of super-lawyer-guy. Check out all my powers. You wanna be fresh on the scene don't you?

* Really swoll. Behold how proportionate my legs are. That's a rarity among super heros.
* Eyepatch. Granted, this is not really a power. But in real life, one of my eyes is like, half-blind anyway. So I reasoned that it made sense to sacrafice its moderate usefulness for the sake of looking awesome.
* Green eyes and boring hair style. Just like real life. Again, not really a power. But green eyes are cool.
* Gladys. The most loyal of aboreal mammals. She does all of my dictation and light typing.
* Hand made of metal. It doesn't really do anything. But would you fight a guy with a metal hand? Methinks not.
* Nunchucks. I don't know how to use nunchucks. But most ne'er-do-wells will already have scattered for fear of my metal hand. So they just look awesome.
* Blue shirt. Captain Jurisdiction knows that he is a winter skintone, and he's not afraid to dress appropriately. And the flat-front slacks are slimming.

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