Monday, October 29, 2007

very low key on the profile

My telephonic image capture device simply does not do justice to the mastery of my Mac O'Lantern. But I think the perfection of my pumpkin craftsmanship transcends the limitations of visual media.

The blazing emblem of my corporate devotion - it is perfectly proportioned, no? And as a finer point that you cannot easily discern from the digital rendering, the insides were meticulously scraped clean and smooth. The inside gleams with pearlescent smoothness much like a well-preserved iBook. No MacBooks for me - I am what the kids refer to as of the older school.

On to business. My travels have taken me away from you, my lovelies. And for that you have my deepest apologies. But I have been doing many an important thing. I've been flying hither and thither, and I've spent more time in coach than Craig T. Nelson.

I like traveling. Really I do. I just hate airports. And planes. It's not flying that I hate, but planes. Due to my morbid obesity and NBA stature, I find the seating to be rather cramped. Like being swaddled in a giant metal blanket. With strangers. And that's actually happened to me! So I'm not exaggerating. I would never do that on this blog.

So why all the traveling? One reason and one reason only.

Work stuff. CLE's and meetings. Lame.

Yeah, I know. Completely unbloggable. You want to hear about it almost as much as I want to relive it, which is to say, not very much. At one point I was stuck in a class all day, and then I had to go to this brutal meeting, and then I did some other stuff, and then I didn't have much else to do after all that except watch old episodes of The Office and eat ice cream.

And I'm sure you're all dying to know - Did I get Leopard? Of course I did. And as the kids were fond of saying in days past: Been there, done that, and...

Oh yeah. That's how we roll. Gangsta.