Wednesday, January 12, 2005

one more left

Today I return once again to the hallowed brick halls, to schlep my Burton backpack around for one final semester of the nerd daycare that I like to call law school.

My first class will be Texas Trial & Appellate Procedure. Nothing wrong with starting out your day with some T&A. Especially Texas T&A, which in my experience, is the best. Way better than California T&A, which is actually mostly A.

Also, I would like to be the first Apple devotee to sheepishly proclaim that I do not like the iPod Shuffle. Although I have to commend Steve Jobs on designing the entire marketing campaign around the device's most obvious flaw. Although as Gizmodo suggests, I could just take my regular iPod, put a Post-It note over the screen, and delete all but 240 of my songs. Voila! Now it's just as awesome as the iPod Shuffle! Steve, I love you, but give me a break. This is like The Emperor's New iPod.

But the Mac mini more than makes up for it. If you've bought a PC in the past few months solely because it was cheaper than buying a Mac, you may now proceed to feel silly (that would be you, Suse). The Mac mini makes any Dell or Gateway look like a Speak N' Spell. All for 5-honey. How do I know it's so awesome? Because it's actually faster than the desktop I'm using right now, and this thing is amazing.

No more excuses, PC users.